Connecting with Self and Nature

Contact refers to the exchange between an individual and the environment. The awareness of both internal and external stimuli is present when the exchange is happening between the individual and the environment. This circumstance leads to an excitement that ignites an action, and ultimately results to contact and need satisfaction. However, disturbance of awareness and contact occurs when the boundary between self and the environment is lost. The interruption of the cycle explains the dysfunctions and resistance. Gestalt psychotherapy approach focuses on the assumption that disturbances in the cycle comes from within the awareness itself. It focuses to understand and clarify the present experience. On the other hand, according to the psychoanalytic approach, most of our thoughts, sensations and memories are in the invisible unconscious part of ourselves. I find it is difficult to choose one particular approach over another, because I believe, to take care of ourselves, it is important to understand the past and the unconscious part of us, and also be aware of the present experiences.


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