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Men's Mental Health & Cultural Taboo -Highlights from the Podcast at PsyMood

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We still have several weeks left of the summer as we usher in September.

How've you been enjoying your summer?

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Just in case no one told you today.

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Stand Up to Cancer, a program that was formed in 2008 by women who were affected by cancer. Over 100 million was raised initially, and the program continues to be an important one in helping to raise awareness about the disease. 

Friends and family are important sources of support for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and their carers, too.

They need companionship and need to feel valued.

Here are 5 ways to help do just that:

- Educate yourself about the disease

- Stay in touch

- Be patient

- Engage the person with dementia in conversation 

- Offer family members a reprieve 

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Today we remember that every person is deserving of love and respect. Today we remember it’s all about acceptance. Today we remember to celebrate our differences. 

One of the traits associated with well-being is to recognize Positive Emotions. Psychologically Healthy People often take the time to reflect on Positive Feelings. 

Psychologically Healthy People often have a high level of Straightforwardness. They often are truthful in dealing with people and situations.

If you worked really hard this week, find the time to take care of yourself.

“A little work, a little play, To keep us going – and so, good-day!” — George du Maurier 

Our mind is a difficult thing to deal with, but the wise practice. 

When difficult thoughts and feelings show up, we often fight against them, try to run away or hide from them, and/or try to suppress or conquer them. For most of us, this is our default setting.

But we can find true peace by stop fighting or running away from our own thoughts and feelings.

Let's learn to simply drop the struggle! 

The psychological trauma is the wounds in our soul. The pain from these wounds can be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual and can affect every areas of our life. People re-experience traumatic events in various ways, often causing lack of clarity about or disconnection from themselves. 

"Thanks to the media, we may have an inaccurate picture of how therapy sessions are conducted. Trained clinicians know that the arrangement and the distance between them and their client can create subtle authority and intimidation or conversely, help to build trust.

In actuality, the typical therapeutic setting is often more ""informal"" where both parties sit in comfortable chairs without barriers between them. Therapists may even ask if the distance is comfortable for the client and sometimes will refrain from taking notes at all during the session, instead deferring until after the session so they can be present with clients." 

Conflict resolution at any age is an invaluable skill to have. Therapy can help to develop and improve those skills so that you are best equipped to handle the conflict that life inevitably brings. 

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On this Veteran’s Day, we honor those who have served as well as the sacrifices made by our military families. 

"By mid-adolescence girls are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mood disorder as boys.

Why? Well, there are different theories. We do know that there are differences in the way girls and boys process emotions. Girls also tend to tune into their emotional maturity faster than boys do and that sensitivity could make them more vulnerable to anxiety (and depression as well!)" 

People are naturally diverse. It is tolerance that enables us to recognize universal human rights and the freedoms of others. 

Therapy can help to:

* Change your behavior before bedtime

* Address the negative thoughts and emotions that may prevent you from falling asleep 

*Improve your relaxation skills

* More holistically change lifestyle habits that adversely affect your sleep patterns 

Losing a loved one to suicide is a traumatic experience. Individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide can experience a form of grieving that is especially intense.

When suicide survivors talk and share with others, this network of support can help with recovery.

In honor of every transgender person who lost their life as a result of anti-transgender violence. 

Major accomplishments in life do nothing to prevent feelings of depression. In fact, it can, in some cases, help exacerbate the feelings of stress and pressure to perform and conform.

Case in point, one of the men in history who reached the pinnacle of accomplishment! As he wisely said, if you need help let others help you.

What do you most look forward to this Thanksgiving? 

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women kicks off a 16-day campaign that aims to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls around the world.

Let's all join our voices together to call for global action to increase awareness, promote advocacy, and create opportunities for discussion about violence against women and girls around the world.

The National Day of Listening - you know we're all about it!

When listened to - and truly heard - people feel important to the listener. So, whether it's your loved ones, a neighbor, a work colleague, or a distant acquaintance or may need a friend, take the opportunity today to say, "Hi, how are you today?" and really listen to the response.

Therapy isn't meant to be a 'quick fix' and won't work in a week. But it also isn't necessarily a lifetime commitment either. Therapy is designed to address specific aspects of your life where you may need additional support or counsel. Rather than making you 'dependent' on therapy indefinitely, we'll equip you with the tools you need to better handle those challenges going forward. 

Giving doesn't have to be monetary - anything from volunteering our time to donating items that we no longer need or use; it would be great if we can all find a way to give something to those who need it most this Giving Tuesday. 

Today recognizes the incredible civil rights leader Rosa Parks who, on an entirely normal day, created what become Civil Rights history by standing up for what she believed in.

In commemoration of a great woman.

What's that saying ... we are born to be real, not perfect!

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Welcome the month of December!

What are your plans for the final month of the year? Or maybe even more monumental, the new year?

Bullying, it's as old as time, and despite many a campaign to help put resources and systems in place to mitigate - even eliminate - it, kids are still experiencing this damaging behaviour.

Today, we share 5 ways to support kids experiencing bullying behaviors.

Today is all about silently protesting against the bullying of LGBT students and those who support them. 

Ok, maybe it's not a competition.

Seriously though, what a great opportunity to take some time out and explicitly express appreciation for your spouse.

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Whether you are working with a professional or are looking to do your own mental health check-in, here are four quick questions to ask yourself to heighten your self-awareness and remain cognizant of what you - and your body - needs 

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So pleased that this year's Earth Day theme is all about investing in our planet. As with other movements, we have seen great strides made in the right direction - the reduction of single use plastic, and increased awareness around using recyclable materials. But there is still so much more governments and citizens can do to invest in our planet and continue to improve our environment to give our descendants a better and safer future. 

While social media can be an excellent tool for connectivity, excessive use can leave us feeling anxious, depressed, and ironically, isolated.

Does this mean we should all just be quitting social media entirely? No, not necessarily! Just being mindful of how we use it can have beneficial results on both mood and focus. 

What is parental alienation?

When one parent uses manipulation to alienate a child from the other parent.

So damaging are these behaviors that parental alienation can be a form of child abuse, can cause the child terrible psychological damage, and can leave them with issues that last long into adulthood.

Having issues with a spouse or partner? Seek professional help to enable you to work through any conflicts and/or separation in a healthy way!

"You are awesome!

Remember to celebrate your uniqueness and strength every single day"

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Today, the kudos goes to ... Mental Health Professionals!

Personally, I would like to express gratitude to my fellow colleagues in the field who dedicate their lives to mental health care. Now more than ever we are aware of how your commitment changes lives.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is real, and so is the strength of those who navigate it. On this Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day, here's to the recognition of those who are afflicted by this illness —let's unite in support and awareness.

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Supporting the mental health journey of every child. Happy National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day—let's raise awareness, reduce stigma, and ensure every child receives the care they need.

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Today is a celebration of the beautiful tapestry of families around the world. Be sure to take time out to celebrate and express appreciation for those who constitute your family!

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This Mother's Day we celebrate the beautiful women who shaped our lives with love, wisdom, and warmth. Your love, strength, and sacrifices are unparalleled. You are the queens of our hearts!

Happy Mother's Day!

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